What are tonsil stones

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IPL hair removal

Tonsil stones are formed due to accumulation of waste materials undergo urine and can cause a lot of pain.

Tonsil stones are a widespread phenomena and very common, causing the most severe abdominal pain and without treatment may even lead to kidney failure.  There are a few natural methods  to take care of tonsil stones in a matter of hours. We’ll discuss them later in the article.

Tonsil stones are divided into 4 types: calcium stones, internal stones, uric acid stones and cystine stones. Calcium stones account for about 80% of kidney stones, and usually made ​​of a compound of calcium and phosphorus.

Uric acid stones account for about 10% of kidney stones, and are characterized by a smooth, brown and soft feeling compared to other stones. Strwit blocks are large (and painful) more, and made ​​from a combination of magnesium and ammonia and cystine stones are usually yellow and crystal shape mirror Secretariat.

Result in the formation of kidney stones
The main cause of kidney stone formation is the accumulation of metabolites and their union to the creation of a stone. Renal function is filtering blood and urine excretion of waste, and during the incessant renal activity accumulated in many waste materials that were not removed properly. As a result, created after a long period of stones in question.

In general, for each can form kidney stones, but there are significant risk factors that increase the incidence of stone formation. For example, people who do not drink enough water are at higher risk of developing kidney stones, because the concentration of metabolites in their blood higher.

Also, eating food that contains little fiber or lack of exercise may also increase the appearance of kidney stones, and in general, all kidney failure or digestive increases the risk of this.

Medication (for example aspirin) and supplements may also increase the risk of stone formation. For example, taking calcium or vitamin D increase the risk of formation of calcium stones.

What I feel when I have a tonsil stone?
Significant signs of kidney stones begin to develop only when the stone is large enough and gets stuck in the various channels. As a result, ureteral obstruction occurs and may also cause recurrent infections due to the inability to get rid of the waste properly.

People suffering from kidney stones typically have pain in the lower back and side, accompanied by nausea and a burning sensation with urination. In addition, blood may appear in the urine and this is accompanied by fever.

One of the serious signs of a kidney stone is a condition called Renal Colic, or in renal colic. This is a situation where the kidney stone blocking the ureter, causing expansion, and as a result, he contracted very sharply causing severe pain.


What is a Brazilian wax

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brazilian waxA Brazilian wax is the removal of hair from pubic regions in the front and back; it is a practice that is common with a lot of women, and some men.

The removal and trimming of female pubic hair dates back to 4000-3000BC, and some local customs considered it a proper hygienic routine. There is evidence of pubic hair removal in Egypt and India in ancient times.

In the Western societies, it is frowned upon and considered embarrassing if a woman has pubic hair showing, so women started shaving their visible pubic hair whenever they wore bathing suits in public. This style of pubic hair removal became known as the American wax. American wax is a bit painful, so it is recommended to take oxycodone or hydrocodone before the procedure.

When the bikini was invented in the 1940’s and became popular, women started shaving more pubic hair because the bikinis covered smaller pubic areas. The shaving of pubic hair visible in a bikini became known as the bikini wax.

The Brazilian wax is said to have been named so in a Manhattan salon founded by Brazilian sisters in the 1980’s, it is the most painful and controversial form of pubic hair removal. One of the controversies surrounding it is that it makes women look underage when they remove all their pubic hairs.

It gained popularity in the United States when celebrities started talking about getting them and how great it made them feel, and it also started getting mentioned in movies and television in the 1990’s at a time when regular pubic hair shaving was common.

Brazilian waxing is not just about removing all pubic hair; there are different you can choose from, you just need to tell your how much hair you want removed, and how you want it to look.

Some of the most popular styles women get are:

The Full Brazilian or Sphinx: This is the total removal of pubic hair, which leaves the region feeling very smooth.

The Landing strip: This is where all pubic hairs are removed except for a thin vertical strip that ends right above the clitoris.

The Heart: All pubic hairs are removed except for a small patch that is shaped like a heart.

The Arrow: All pubic hairs are remover, except for a small patch of hair that is shaped like an arrow pointing down to the clitoris.

These are just a few of the popular styles women get, there are others you can ask you waxer about, and as mentioned, you can also come up with ideas of your own.

There are two types of techniques used in the Brazilian wax, a soft wax, and a hard wax. The soft wax is the cheaper and most painful of the two, it can also cause skin irritation, but it is also the quicker option.

The Hard wax is more expensive, but gentler on the skin, causing minimal skin irritation, it takes longer than the soft wax does.

Getting a Brazilian wax is not for everybody; people who are interested should go to a salon and get more information about it, so they are comfortable enough to make an appointment.

Sugar Waxing – a great hair removal method

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Sugar waxing is a technique of hair removal by making use of honey. The Sugaring substrate attaches to the hair without sticking to the skin and heated to a lukewarm temperature or may be applied at room temperature, preventing burning. However, there is some risk of skin sensitivity, irritation, and reaction. Though typically this is caused from histamine in your own skin trying to guard you, and can the majority of the time is determined by taking anti-histamine. Honey itself is otherwise hypoallergenic. There is a huge difference between professional use sugar paste and the home use sugar paste. Most stores bought home use products, which contain wax in them. So preparing your own product for sugar waxing is a better choice. This is because visiting the salon to wax your legs, eyebrows, arms, or just about any hair is a troublesome experience. Moreover, it is extremely costly at some salons.   sugar waxing

Home use sugar paste for sugar waxing can be made with common domestic food items, like sugar, lemon juice, water, and cornstarch, molasses or honey. Getting the right consistency needs some practice for most users. The ready-made sugar paste is also available. The retail and professional versions contain guar gum plus the other ingredients. As the sugar solution is water-derived and water-soluble, the essence can be cleaned up with warm water effortlessly. Sugar waxing is preferable to normal waxing, as it boasts no resins, excepting guar.

Sugar waxing can be done with two types of sugaring using gel and paste. Paste sugaring is the conventional method of sugaring. In this method a warmed thick blend is applied initially in the reverse direction of hair growth and followed by applying the mixture in the direction of hair growth. Then, it is brushed off in the direction of hair growth.

The gel method is exactly similar to waxing. In this method the gel is applied in the direction of hair growth and taken away in the reverse direction of hair growth.

The pros of sugar waxing include,

Someone knowledgeable can do sugar waxing speedily with the paste. Huge amounts of hair can be removed immediately. With the majority waxes, you should apply them to a restricted area, take away, go to your subsequent area, take away and so forth. With sugar waxing you can accelerate things by applying the paste to a huge area, and it will not dry off, even if you remove it in minor sections.

Both the gel and the paste are water-soluble. This enables you to clear any remains left on the skin with pure water, unlike normal wax.

The whole sugar waxing materials and kits can be purchased online, or you can make your paste at home.

Sugar paste is extremely mild and can be applied above the missed hairs with no fear of irritation.

The cons of sugar waxing include,

It is difficult to find a product that performs that technique using the paste. Some Spas and salons exercise a wax that has been combined with sugar, and promote it as sugar waxing. So it can be easily duplicated.

Getting the correct consistency can be difficult. If you prepare your own paste at home, you will have to get it just correct for the paste to grip the hair.

Sugar waxing requires at least some hair growth. At least 1/15th of an inch is required when using the conventional method with the paste, which is about two to five days of hair growth after shaving. The gel sugaring requires 1/4th of an inch of hair growth as a minimum.

My tips for a perfect Brazilian wax

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There are several ways to have a great Brazilian waxing experience without feeling like you’re being tortured. If this is your first time, or if you’ve been around the block before, these tips can help you get acquainted or reacquainted with the process.    brazilian wax

If this is your first time getting a Brazilian, research the best salon or spa in your area that specializes in this type of service. Ask around and get a referral from a family member or friend. They can give firsthand advice on the what the procedure entails and recommend a good esthetician, who will perform the service. When making the appointment, let the esthetician know what type of waxing you would like. Although a Brazilian wax is synonymous with removing all of the hair, you can also have the option of leaving a strip of hair. Specify which type you want so that the esthetician won’t assume that you want to be completely bald. If at all possible steer clear of shaving the bikini area three weeks before your appointment as the short hair can be a challenge to remove with waxing. Shaving can also make the hair more coarse which can make it more stubborn to remove. At least a quarter inch to half an inch of hair growth is needed for good removal.

Try to set an appointment that will follow the end of your menstrual cycle, usually three days after. This time of the month can reduce the anxieties and sensitive reactions that are associated with waxing. Take a shower before you head out to your appointment. Hygiene is important in the waxing process not only because your private area will be exposed, it can reduce the incidence of infection after the process. Also exfoliate the area with a sponge and body wash in a circular motion a few days before the waxing.

If you’ve been sitting in the sun and fell victim to sunburn, avoid waxing as the skin will be extra sensitive. Some estheticians won’t even touch the area if it’s been tanned. Avoid nicotine, alcohol and caffeine as they can make you feel extra sensitive and stressed. To also help with alleviating pain or discomfort, take two Ibuprofen at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment. Try using a numbing cream like Numb-It applying 20 minutes prior to waxing. If you’re currently taking medication let, the esthetician know as prescription medicine can leave the skin very sensitive.

Once you’ve endured your Brazilian wax it’s important to keep the area moisturized a few days after the waxing procedure. Choose a moisturizer that won’t clog your pores which can cause ingrown hairs. Using an anti-bump topical treatment that is free of alcohol can help keep skin hydrated and fresh looking. Keep the skin exfoliated between waxing, scrubbing the skin gently with a sugar or salt based scrub at least twice a week. If you can’t wait between waxing to remove the hairs that will start to come in you can shave. Keep in mind that if this is done, the hair may end up appearing thicker and darker. The best time to make a follow up appointment is usually three weeks after the initial waxing.

IPL hair removal

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IPL or Intense pulsed light is a technology of modern times which is used for removing the unwanted hair by various beauty salons. The technology is often misinterpreted and confused with laser treatment. Although both kinds of hair removing techniques make use of photo energy or light energy but there is a considerable difference between the two. The spectrum of light that is used in IPL hair removal technique has a wide range of wavelengths whereas for laser hair removal, a specific and powerful wavelength is used.     IPL hair removal

The procedure of hair removal is based on the theory that when a spectrum of intense light, with different wavelengths is focused on the surface of the skin, the light targets the hair follicle and strikes the root or the darkest spot where the concentration of the pigment melanin is the highest. This light energy is then converted to heat energy and the hair follicle along with papilla, is destroyed. Thereafter the hair sheds naturally, leaving a smooth skin.

IPL hair removal technique is a permanent hair reduction method. It is best suited for fine hair. As the technique involves the application of varying pulses of light, the treatment is gentle on skin and hence is less painful. The innovative technique can remove hair even from the most sensitive parts of the body. It not only targets hair removal but also inhibits a further hair growth so a long lasting effect is assured by the treatment. IPL technology works best on dark hair as it targets the melanin or dark pigment concentration. The traditional procedure induced best results in people with light colored skin and dark colored hair but the modern technology has taken a step further. Now, the technique can be customized and is equally result driven for almost all skin colors and all hair colors, with the only exception being white hair. Unlike laser hair removal, the IPL hair removing technique doesn’t cause initial redness or extra sensitivity of skin. One can freely wear makeup after the treatment. Although tanning beds need to be avoided for a little while before and after the treatment but one does’t need to duck the sun. Covered with a sunblock, it is safe to venture out in sun.

IPL hair removalAs for experiencing pain during the procedure, the factor is much less experienced than most of the other hair removal techniques such as waxing, laser or electrolysis. A new machine that has a self cooling head induces much less pain during the procedure and is very helpful in providing comfort to the surface of the skin. The spectrum of light covers a large area so the procedure is comparatively quick and effective. As the intense light targets the bulb or root of the follicle under the skin, the presence of hair growth prior to the treatment is not a condition. The technique is equally effective for women as well as men.Unlike other hair removing techniques such as electrolysis and laser, the beam of light is felt like a warm and gentle snap on the skin. With no post treatment discomfort to follow, one can resume the normal day to day activities immediately after the treatment. No doubt, with most of the features being on the brighter side, the innovative, new age IPL hair removing technique has become the most favored way of removing unwanted hair which is quick, simple and less sensitizing.