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2020 / 07 / 27
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Richful won the "LubTop Annual Supply Chain Gold Service Provider" award

The "LubTop China Lubricant Industry Annual General Evaluation List" was grandly announced on July 20. Richful has lived up to expectations and won the "China Lubricant Industry Annual Supply Chain Gold Service Provider" again. Thanks to the industry for its support and recognition of Richful. The award is encouragement and spurs to us!


Richful has a research and development team of more than 100 people with doctors and masters and a group of senior domestic and foreign experts. It has its own lubricant additive research institute, provincial-level enterprise technology center, and the analysis that has passed the national CNAS certification. Testing center; established engine bench laboratory, lubricant engineering laboratory, lubricant driving test center, detergent, dispersant, ZDDP, antioxidant, and other additive laboratories, and obtained dozens of Chinese invention patents and international patent.

We always adhere to the mission of "providing lubricating essence, helping environment-friendliness, focusing on customer challenges, and realizing customer value", adhering to the core values of "innovation, responsibility, cooperation, and value" to provide high-quality products and High-quality service, to create our win-win cooperation, to realize our Chinese dream of revitalizing the national industry, and strive to become an important and high-quality supplier of lubricant additives in the world as soon as possible.