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2021 / 06 / 08
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Richful anti-wear hydraulic oil compound passed the double pump test of Southwest Research Institute

Richful New Materials has been adhering to the corporate culture of "innovation, responsibility, cooperation and value" for many years, and has continuously increased investment in technology research and development. In the field of lubricant additives, it has started from the bottom technology and is intensively cultivated. In recent years, it has continuously produced innovative results. , To win users with products and services.

On the morning of May 28, 2021, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) sent a formal test report to Richful New Materials, confirming that the high-pressure anti-wear hydraulic oil compound submitted for inspection passed the Denison T6H20C bench test at a dose of 0.8%.

The test requires 608 hours and is divided into two stages. The first phase (Phase 1) is to test the anti-wear properties of hydraulic oil under high temperature and high load for 307 hours; the second phase (Phase 2) is to determine the corrosiveness and rust resistance of hydraulic oil under the condition of multiple water additions. , Demulsibility, filterability and abrasion resistance, the test results are shown in the following table/graph.

Table 1 The final results of the double pump test of Richful New Material's anti-wear hydraulic oil

Figure 1 Cover of test report

Figure 2 The pressure difference in the test process is small, and there is no need to replace the filter

Figure 3 The surface of the parts after the harsh test has little wear and basically does not change color

Figure 4 The viscosity change during the test is small

Passing the double-pump bench test is not the endpoint. Richful New Materials will continue to concentrate on research and development, focus on quality, and innovative services. While creating value for customers, it will help to be environmentally friendly and contribute to the country’s goal of achieving carbon peaks and carbon neutrality. Abundant wisdom and strength!