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2021 / 06 / 08
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Richful participated in the 2nd World Internal Combustion Engine Conference

From April 21 to 24, 2021, the 2nd World Internal Combustion Engine Conference will be held in Jinan, China. With the theme of "Green, Efficient, Intelligent, and Reliable" at this conference, many countries and regions, and organizations participated in this comprehensive technology exchange event for the internal combustion engine industry.

In recent years, Richful has made many achievements in the theoretical innovation and application research of energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies for internal combustion engine lubricants and brought more than 40 single-agent and compound-agent products to the exhibition. The purpose of this exhibition of Richful is to have a deep understanding of the industry situation, focus on the industry prospects, identify product positioning, and improve product quality. In the context of the current industry’s gradual transition to intelligent, green, and high-end industries, the internal combustion engine industry, as a major component in the development process of achieving "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality", shoulders the responsibility of taking off and reducing carbon emissions. As an important supporting industry for internal combustion engines, lubricant additives are inevitable for a comprehensive upgrade and transformation.

As an important supplier of lubricant additives in China, Richful has always adhered to the corporate core values of "innovation, responsibility, cooperation, and value", actively responding to national policies and the call of the times, and has been committed to promoting environmental friendliness and providing more for the world for many years. Environmentally friendly, more energy-saving, and more efficient products and services; at the same time, it strengthens technological innovation, builds an integrated R&D team of "production, study, and research", and constantly create high-quality products that keep pace with the times. Richful takes energy saving and emission reduction as its mission bravely shoulders the mission of the times, and spares no effort to contribute its own strength!