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2021 / 06 / 08
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Richful attended and participated in the 16th ICIS Middle East Base Oil and Lubricant Conference

On October 15-16, 2019, Richful  was invited to attend the 16th ICIS Middle East Base Oils and Lubricants Conference and participated in the exhibition with a professional international team. To continue to expand overseas markets and improve international competitiveness, Richful  will firmly implement the strategic deployment from "going out" to "going in".

Foreign experts of Richful communicate with customers

The technical team communicated with the guests

Richful has attended the ICIS Base Oil and Lubricant Conference for many years, communicating and learning with lubricant and additive manufacturers such as Mobil, Chevron, Infineum, and Lubrizol. Richful's brand-new professional and international team has won praise and affirmation from the guests at the conference! In the future, Richful  will participate in international competition with a global mindset, build a more influential "Richful" brand, and provide global lubricant companies with better products and more professional services.