RF5022 Ashless Hydraulic Oil Package
Product Introduction:

Product Introduction

RF5022 Ashless Hydraulic Oil Package is formulated with high-quality ashless anti-wear agent, high and low temperature anti-oxidant, corrosion inhibitor and other additive components. With scientific combination and stringent inspection and evaluation, this product is able to meet mainstream product requirements both domestically and internationally, ensuring safe and effective operation of those equipments. 

Product Application

Blended with Group I-IV base oils, this product is able to formulate mono-grade anti-wear hydraulic oil (L-HM), low temperature hydraulic oil (L-HV) and ultra-low temperature hydraulic oil (L-HS), with viscosity grades covering 22, 32, 46, 68, 100 and etc. 

Performance Characteristics 

The product doesn’t contain metal elements, offering outstanding hydrolytic stability and anti-oxidation performance, decreases oil degradation and extends oil drain interval. 

It provides excellent anti-wear, anti-corrosion and sealing compatibility performance, reducing equipment wear and sealing aging. 

The formulated hydraulic oil offers outstanding filtration performance and can meet the requirements of precision filters for high-end hydraulic equipment. 

With a relative low treat rate and high cost effectiveness, the formulated hydraulic oil is able to meet lubricating requirement of vane pump and piston pump, and is widely used in the equipment in steel making and construction machinery industries.

Product Technical Specification:


Typical Value

Test Method


Homogeneous Transparent

Visual Inspection

Kinematic Viscosity (100℃), mm2/s



Density (20℃), kg/m3


ASTM D4052

Flash Point (COC), ℃



Water Content, m%



S Content, m%


ASTM D4951

P Content, m%


ASTM D4951

Packaging Storage and Transportation:

Packed in 200L iron drums or as required by customers, subject to the actual weight. 

The long-term storage temperature shall not exceed 45℃, and the loading/unloading or blending temperature shall not exceed 65℃. 

This product is not flammable, explosive and corrosive. In terms of safety, environmental protection and use, it is the same as general petroleum products with no special protection required.